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Tapestry has been conducting successful workshops for 10 years. Our workshops are designed using innovative methods that have been called "reformed," "constructivist," "authentic," and "learner-centered" in various types of research literature. We consider them to be within Indigenous worldview because we value many different ways of knowing, and we use these ways in our workshops. Learning takes place in individual, small group, large group, and mentoring situations, variably, with a rhythm and pattern that facilitates learning, insight, and personal growth. The internal authority of the learner is valued, cultivated, and empowered because of its critical role of the life-long processes of continual learning and decision-making.

Each workshop uses techniques for workshop design taught by Dawn Adams, Ph.D., Tapestry's founder and vision-keeper. Dr. Adams is recognized as a national leader in innovative education as well as integrated learning, and has presented numerous talks and instructional workshops across the nation, to learners from college undergraduates to faculty from major seminaries and universities. Joanne L. Belasco, Esq., Tapestry's president, leads the workshops, drawing on her training in psychology, as well as research and scholarship in the fields of ecopsychology, women's psychology, and story.

On topics ranging from Native Science to "Mythic Living," our workshops and other projects have attracted support from such prestigious institutions as the National Science Foundation, the National Museum of the American Indian, and the Templeton Foundation; and celebrities such as Pierce Brosnan, Roger Welsch, and Dean Koontz. Not only do our workshops provide people with unique opportunities for active and empowered learning, they draw from our own personal strengths and institutional experiences to create an unparalleled learning experience that will change your life. Click here to learn what participants have said about previous Tapestry workshops and our other projects.

Our workshops are currently being offered as part of the Horse-Human Relationship Program.


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